16 Reasons Why The Queen is Not Fond Of Duchess Kate Middleton

16 Reasons Why The Queen Is Not Fond Of Duchess Kate Middleton


Kate Middleton, The Duchess of Cambridge, has long been rumored to be feuding with her husband Prince William’s grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II. A new report alleges a lot more trouble in their tumultuous relationship than was previously suspected.


So much speculation! Well, FashionStyleMag decided to clear the air a bit, by analyzing the feud and collecting intel on the involved parties. Today, we present you with a visualised map of this war between Queen and Duchess. Know thy enemy!

1. Kate wears wedges


And The Queen allegedly hates wedges. Reports claim that she doesn’t find them befitting of a member of the royal family. The audacity of this Duchess!


2. Topless photos of Kate Middleton appeared in a French magazine



It’s safe to say that The Queen probably didn’t like that much either.

3. Kate doesn’t keep her hair in order


The Queen once ordered the Duchess to chop off four inches of her hair. It appears that the Duchess refused.


4. Kate doesn’t have a proper job


Reportedly, The Queen told members in her inner-circle that she disapproves of Middleton not having a proper career, opining that the Duchess is more interested in socializing than doing any actual work. Which begs the question… which Duchess, in the entirety if history, had a proper job? Hmmm…

But really, Kate, tone it down a bit!


5. Kate doesn’t wear dress weights


There have allegedly been orders from Buckingham Palace decreeing that Kate’s wardrobe defects need to stop. It is unclear whether the saboteur has been apprehended.


6. Kate spends a lot of money


The Duchess is rumored to have spent $1 million simply remodeling her countryside estate in Norfolk. Dear old Elizabeth allegedly told her inner-circle that such drastic outlays were unnecessary.


7. Kate wears short skirts



8. Kate used the Royals to get her sister a cushy job


The royal family reportedly suspects that Kate’s sister Pippa was only hired as an NBC lifestyle/health features correspondent because of her access to the palace and Queen. Which begs the question of who’s REALLY to blame.


9. Kate shirking from her royal duties


During 2014, Middleton was struck down by morning sickness. The Queen reportedly told her to get out of bed and “do her duty.” As a Queen should.

10. Kate picked the wrong wedding dress


Remember that? During the famous exhibit of Kate Middleton’s wedding dress, The Queen was caught on tape muttering: “I’m not keen on this. I don’t approve of this.” Oops.

Well, the Duchess remembers!


11. She took her beloved William from her


The Queen is also a grandmother. And grandmothers sometimes don’t take lightly to this.

12. She was too excited to visit the Downtown Abbey set


Where’s that Royal Dislike button?

13. She really got into a Wimbledon match


Compose yourself, Kate!

14. Kate trying to be like Diana


And we all miss Diana! Allegedly, Kate follows in the footsteps of Diana in her wardrobe choices a bit too much for Elizabeth’s taste. The Queen is allegedly not at all happy about, ordering the Duchess to tone it down and adhere to a strict dress code.

15. Kate not wearing a pencil skirt


It’s more of a painting brush skirt. The Duchess is impressionist and expressionist like that.

16. Kate accused Prince Charles of driving a wedge between her and Prince William


When William and Kate split up for a short period back in 2007, Middleton blamed Charles for the temporary acrimony. It is very likely The Queen didn’t feel the same way.

Source: fashionstylemag

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