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The Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Believe Weight Charts, According To Medical Professionals


Many women nowadays are totally obsessed with their weight. They have this idea in their mind that they have to look a certain way, and they will not stop until they achieve it. Often times, the media is not a great help, as we are constantly bombarded with images of the so-called perfect body image. This can make you feel crazy at times. However, this idealistic body image produced by ideal weight charts is far from the reality. The real healthy body image depends on numerous factors, first of which is a healthy diet. That’s why you shouldn’t obsess over losing weight all the time, but you should start eating healthily instead. There are many unhealthy diets out there, and women should be aware of them.

According to research from the Epidemiology of Eating Disorders, around 20 million women in America are medically diagnosed as having eating disorders. These are often a direct result of these strange diets that are impossible to follow. That’s why women need to stop believing in body ideals. Here are some reasons:

1. Body image is a sensitive topic for young women


Women get judged on their looks very often and it’s a very fragile topic.

2. The media highlights celebrity weight gain


The moment a celebrity gains weight, it becomes front page news. So, women begin thinking that it is a sin to gain weight.

3. They also celebrate their weight loss


When a celeb loses weight, on the other hand, it is a celebration in the media pages. That means that it is something to aspire to, but it’s far from the real truth.

4. Body image pressures come from everywhere


It can come from a person’s friends and peers as well as from their family. From a young age, children learn about their body image and how to maintain it.

5. Many people develop unhealthy eating habits


This social pressure can be extremely exhausting and often it can end up having the opposite effect on us. It’s only natural to want to eat everything in sight.

6. We become depressed if our clothes don’t fit


This can be absolutely heartbreaking.

7. The ‘ideal body shape’ is not realistic


As you grow, your body shape will change. A lot. In reality, there is no such thing as an ideal shape, as we are all different individuals.

8. Staying active is as important as food intake


Most women just try to eat less when it comes to dieting. But if you only do that and not trying to work out even a bit, you won’t feel a difference.

The issues with The Height and Weight Chart

Here is what the Height and Weight Chart for Women looks like and why it does not work. Doctors are now saying that this is something we need to start ignoring.

The main issue with the weight chart is the fact that it relies only on numbers. In the past doctors would use this chart to figure out how healthy a person was. Nowadays, however, many doctors are saying that you should pay no attention to this thing at all.

Here’s the chart:


It takes into consideration your height and weight, but how can you tell if a person is healthy based on these two things?

What this chart does not consider, though, is whether a person has muscle or fat. That means that even when you are lean, the chart may tell you that you are unhealthy.

It’s excellent news that doctors are now beginning to judge people on an individual level, rather than just using an outdated chart.


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