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The Possible Reasons Why Your Wife Might Be Stressed Out All The Time


Married life is sweet, cute, and, sometimes, unbearable, to be honest. You meet someone, you date them, you get married, and, all of a sudden, it seems like all the problems start showing up out of nowhere. Things can change a lot when you get married, especially if yo are not mature enough to do it. Often times, wives tend to stress out and close inside themselves, not explaining why they are feeling that way. Here are some possible reasons why your wife might be feeling this way.

1. You don’t talk.

You communicate the basic necessities, but it’s been a long time since you’ve had a real conversation. And if all you talk about is tomorrow’s obligations or how lousy your day was, you’re probably stressing her out. Spend some time together and have an actual conversation.

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2. You’re not making the changes she wants.

How many times have you discussed responsibilities in the house? Hundred times, but have you made her happy by making a change yourself? When you are clearly not making any efforts to follow through on promises you’ve made in the past, it’s no wonder she’s exasperated with you.

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3. You’re not asking the right questions.

Sometimes couples have a way of deftly talking around the elephant in the room. If you don’t know what she’s thinking and feeling, how are you going to be a better husband? Ask her how she feels.

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4. Where did the excitement go?

When you are in a new relationship, it’s so easy to stay excited. After a few years though, you’ll need to put more effort into it. Date nights, gifts, special moments and surprises never get old. Make your spouse feel special!

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5. She’s the only one doing the cooking.

You all need three meals a day, and that does not mean she is the one doing all of them.  Husbands also need to chip in. It’s a matter of doing it together.

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6. You’re tidying up, she’s cleaning.

It isn’t that hard to keep things from looking neat and tidy. Pick up your clothes and put the dishes in the dishwasher, it’s that easy! Cleaning is also very important. Vacuuming is as important as daily tidiness. It’s 2017, actually. It could easily be you staying at home, and her working, did you know?

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7. She feels like the only parent.

It’s only logical that you evenly divide the labor when it comes to your kids. When the childcare falls entirely on one parent, it’s bound to build resentment and stress. And that’s not good neither for parents, nor for children.

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8. She never gets to do her thing.

When was the last time you asked your wife what movie she’d like to watch or where she’d like to go for dinner? Everyone needs their alone time, and your wife is probably not getting it as much as she used to, especially if you have children.  Make an effort to treat her right and show her how valued she is.

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9. She needs time.

Adult life is complicated, and it’s normal that your wife feels this way from time to time. You can help her by finishing off some of her tasks or clearing up her schedule. She will absolutely appreciate the effort.

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10. She needs space.

She also wants to shut herself in a room and be alone. If you have kids, sometimes you just want a break. You can also create some space for your wife. When the kids are acting up, take them out—and encourage her to decompress with a hot bath and a book.

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11. Your priorities aren’t straight.

Too many guys crash when they get home from work. If you do this, you’d better believe that your wife notices that you put in zero effort once the workday is done. You need ti save some energy for your home and your wife, too.

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12. You dominate arguments.

Disagreements are going to pop up, but be aware of your arguing style. Do you actually listen to her?

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13. She’s in charge of too much.

There are schedules, commitments, expenses and issues to work through in your house. Someone’s gotta run things, and chances are, it’s your wife. Don’t just stay behind watching her get exhausted. Be her co-captain, rather than her employee.

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14. She’s down.

When this happens to her, it’s best if you talk to her and ask her about her feelings. Be a good husband, because that’s what she deserves.

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15. She’s doing everything.

Do you get the feeling that your wife is working her tail off while you’re just slacking off? Again, it’s 2017. Do something.

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