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Receptionist Gives Her Out Cold Boyfriend A Total Makeover


What does a girl do after the man in her life fails to keep his promise? Why, they exact sweet sweet revenge, of course.

One such example is receptionist Natalie Weaver. The 23-year-old who hails from West Yorkshire in the UK planned to spend the night out with her 26-year-old partner Stephen Hall, but due to Stephen getting wasted (drunk, not the GTA kind of wasted) the night before and flocking to bed at 6 AM, he was way too sleepy. So, to show revenge for not keeping his promise, Natalie decided to… play a little.

“He was just shocked and asking what’s happened. I tried to convince him he had come home like that,” Natalie told Daily Mail. Once the initial awe faded, however, the pair both cracked up about it. “There was a lot of laughing but he wasn’t angry… I’m surprised he slept through all of the laughing. I was in absolute hysterics. It was crazy.”

Natalie had plans to spend a Sunday afternoon with her boyfriend who promised to take her out.

Receptionist Gives Her Out Cold Boyfriend A Total Makeover 1

Due to him being out cold, Natalie decided to have some fun with him.


She posted the whole makeup application process on Snapchat, and it’s pretty hilarious.


Since he was out cold, he didn’t feel a single thing and he was literally glowing when Natalie was finished.


She even did his nails in a trendy holo color.


When the makeover was done, Stephen was looking absolutely fab.


When her unsuspecting man woke up at 4 AM the next morning, he received quite a surprise


Sleeping beauty.


Would you do this to your boyfriend if he ever broke a promise? Let us know in the comments!


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