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Girl Alerts The Press After Receiving A Long-Forgotten Remnant Of The Past: A Love Letter


A 23-year-old receptionist from Nottingham, England claims she was so freaked out after she was handed what she calls a ‘creepy’ love letter by a mysterious admirer, that she had to change her route to work, only to tell all about it to the papers afterwards.

Clarice, who did not want to give her surname but did share several selfies, was waiting near her Nottingham home when a man pulled up in a car and gave her an envelope addressed to a ‘beautiful girl’, saying someone had asked him to give it to her.

In the typed letter, he admitted he found her to be “the most gorgeous, beautiful and sexiest girl he had ever set eyes upon” and asked her out for a drink.


Clarice, 23, who works as a receptionist, says she was left shaken after she was given a love letter


The letter read:

“Hi my dear, I am so sorry I needed to approach you in this way as I didn’t know how else to go about it.

You are without doubt the most Gorgeous, Beautiful and Sexiest girl I have ever set my eyes upon. Your dress sense is immaculate and you ooze star qualities [sic].

I feel that I if I [sic] didn’t take this opportunity I would regret this for the rest of my life.

I would like to take you out for dinner or for drink, at any venue of your choice, and if you are still not interested then I completely understand. As they say Nothing Ventured nothing gained [sic].

The worst thing that will happen is you get a free meal and have a damn good laugh. We can then depart on good terms and then I can say I once took out the loveliest pretty girl in Nottingham for tea.

Finally, I understand if you do not want to get in touch and I will not contact you again.

All the best in anticipation, Chris”

While she claims she was initially flattered by the gesture, Clarice admits her opinion changed when she later found the man on social media and discovered he was a 56-year-old divorced father-of-two who lives some 30 minutes away.

She now believes he has been watching her commute to work and the 23-year-old now takes a different route in order to avoid the man.

“I’m just hoping now that I don’t see him anywhere in the future. I’ll be finding a different place to get picked up in the morning,” she said.

After tracking the man via Facebook, Claire and her friends discovered he lives half an hour away and realized he went out of his way to give her the note, cracking the mystery to what men have been doing for hundreds of years when interested in a woman.

“He actually lives half an hour away from here so I don’t know why he was in the area. He’d come the complete opposite way,” Clarice admitted her surprise at the tactic.


“It was really strange. I’ve not contacted him and I definitely won’t be doing in the future. On his Facebook, it says he’s 56, has two young children and is recently divorced,” the receptionist perhaps subconsciously revealed the real reason for her lack of interest.

“He was in a nice car and I’ll be looking out for it. I think he’s probably having a bit of a midlife crisis. Surely he could see that I’m way too young. He’s old enough to be my dad.”


“I understand he must have been shy but that’s not how you should approach someone if you like them. It’s not the first time I’ve had people approach me in strange situations but I think most girls have. Things like cat-calling and stuff happen a lot,” the 23-year-old said of the man’s approach.

“I’ve had it quite a lot. Every girl has at least experienced it once. If you like a girl, go talk to her. Be friendly, ask her out, get to know her, just don’t be creepy about it,” she concluded, perhaps changing the nature of male-female relationships with her groundbreaking, never-before-heard advice forever.


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