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A Gorgeous Makeup Look If You’re Lucky Enough To Appear On The Red Carpet

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Or, a random birthday party, okay. But, don’t you all just dream of appearing on the red carpet one day?

The answer is very probably yes. We get you, it must be a wonderful feeling. The camera flashes and shutters flashing and clicking away everywhere, posing in front of the sponsor-laiden wall in front of a crowd of millions, and of course, being interviewed by E!

Of course, this dream doesn’t come true for everyone. This doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve a red carpet-like appearance for every occasion.

And why spend time and money on professional makeup artists and stylists? You can do everything yourself.


Here’s a gorgeous red carpet makeup look by EMAN

Red Carpet Makeup 1

Eman had the pleasure of appearing at the Golden Globe Awards event, and she certainly stole the show with the way she looked.

The green dress definitely stood out, and the bold, dark colored lipstick also did a good job in standing out.

Eman explains that it takes a while to decide on an outfit, makeup, hair, nails and other such things.

Due to the occasion, this is not your typical makeup look. It takes a fairly long time to achieve, and it’s not the easiest one in the world either.

The method is the same: primer, concealer, foundation, you know the drill. The products used are just a little bit more special, and there’s just a little bit more of them.

Red Carpet Makeup 3

She also tells us about the dinner area at the Golden Globes, which gets transformed into a large dance floor after the dinner takes place.

So, what’s the verdict?

In my honest opinion, this is a stunning to rock if you have the luck to appear on the red carpet, no matter what event it is.

Even if you’re not going to appear at the red carpet, this look is definitely worth a… look?


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