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These Are The Most Satisfying Things For These 16 Reddit Users


Every person out there has something that they find especially satisfying. Whether that would be when a spectrum of colors is well lined up or the wine rack at the local cash & carry is perfectly ordered based on wine color, there’s a lot of things that we, as humans, find… right, perfectly placed, precise, satisfying.

With that in mind, these are the most satisfying things for these 16 Reddit users.

1. Preparing for the snow

“Being the first to walk on fresh snow,” wrote ask_meAgain.


Source: Instagram | @keils_vs_nature

2. That sweet weekend feeling

“The feeling of Friday or Saturday nights even if you’re not going out, you can just chill at home, put on a movie, and relax,” wrote Fluheezy.


Source: Instagram | @enis_yilmazz

3. It’s time to relax

“Taking off my bra/heels when I come home. It’s borderline orgasmic,” wrote roseparades.


Source: Instagram | @vivianmarit

4. Earwax be gone

“Earwax extractions,” says mikeski321.


5. Compliments are quietly nice

“Being complimented. I will downplay it but secretly I really appreciate it,” wrote Throwaway1954325.


Source: Instagram | @ilooknamk

6. Rainy days aren’t so bad if you’re inside

“Heavy rain but being inside in a warm bed,” says GabeTheSaviour.


7. Blackheads be gone!

“Pulling out blackheads,” wrote DaisyLayz. Can’t say we blame her.


Source: Instagram | @lurogalo

8. Calligraphic satisfaction

“An extremely smooth writing pen,” wrote saddam1.


9. Clean shave

“To anyone with hairy legs: Shave your legs, then get underneath a blanket. It’s so strange, but it’s amazing,” wrote Smailien.


Source: Instagram | @playfulmess_anna

10. One of the nicest things on the list

“Making someone else smile,” wrote chivasboy1079. Such a wonderful soul, from the looks of it.


Source: Instagram | @britko_elsie

11. That sentimental feeling

“Reading the final pages of a good book,” wrote ChayDaKidd. After a long while of reading through an amazing novel, it’s an interesting feeling when you’re approaching the final stages.


Source: Instagram | @jackiieeebabyy

12. Earwax be gone again!

“Q-Tipping my ears. Regardless of how bad it is for you. It just feels sooooo goooooood,” wrote InfiniteDurden.


Source: Instagram | @mama_diggy

13. Hair goes from gross to great

“Getting in the shower/washing your hair when your hair feels gross,” wrote cabarny. It’s like “Ahhhh, it’s finally a gorgeous mane again”


Source: Instagram | @abdell_united

14. Sticky and poppy stuff seem to have this reputation

“Pulling off the sticky stuff on gift cards,” wrote another Reddit user.


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

15. It just fits perfectly

“Parking the car when a song on the radio ends.” another Reddit user wrote.


16. And finally, something savage

“This is going to sound really horrible but whenever something bad happens to people I don’t like,” wrote PolishPresident.

As heartless as this may sound, admit it, you’ve had this feeling in the past too.


Source: Instagram | @bankiniki
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