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You Can Turn Your Regular Heels Into The $900 Yeezy Boots Kylie Wears

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You all know how it goes these days: if Kylie and/or Kendall Jenner wears something, then it’s definitely good and you should wear it too. Unless it’s something that is really, really expensive. For example, we have the Yeezy boots that both bear the cost…$895.

However, a shoe hack is currently circulating all around Instagram that allows you to have the same expensive look as the Yeezy boots for $890 less.


This was all started when beauty blogger Shay Cherise posted on Instagram a hack on how to turn your regular sock boots into Yeezys for the princely sum of $5, which has since gone viral. Inspired by YouTuber Collette Emily’s tutorial, all you do is take a pair of heels, put an ankle length knit sock over them, and cut a small hole to go through the socks, and then sticky shoe grips are put on the bottom of the soles to keep them stable. You can use this hack to turn your regular heels into Yeezy 2s or 4s.

The video has since been viewed almost 80k times, and tons of other beauty bloggers all over Instagram are now making their own Yeezy boots.

Hundreds of women have DIY’d their own Yeezy boots, and frankly, they make us want to go make our own.

Here’s the original video by Collette Emily and the one that started this whole trend:

Source:Collette Emily

Will you be making a pair of these? Let us know in the comments!

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