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Here Are 12 Regular People Who Became Famous Because They Are Hot


The Internet can make ordinary people famous in seconds. Viral news and the hot selfies are two of the thousand ways one can become globally known within minutes, like some people who went from being everyday folks to international celebrities without doing anything special.

Here are some of these regular people who were deemed hot by the internet and has subsequently captured the hearts of millions, courtesy of Ranker.


1. Hot Ref, Super Bowl 2016


When Clete Blakeman first showed up at Super Bowl 50, the Twitter community exploded. Everyone noticed how handsome this man is! Before he was refereeing football games he was a backup quarterback at Nebraska. A real hottie, indeed!

2. Notre Dame Quarterback Cam McDaniel


In 2015, Cam McDaniel tried to become a part of the Dallas Cowboys. Sadly for him, he didn’t make the team, but on the bright side, he made into millions of hearts.

3. Ridiculously photogenic guy


Zeddie Little had no idea he would become instantly-famous after a photo of him running a 10k race became viral. Sorry to burst your bubble, but he is already taken, ladies.

4. Alex From Target


Alex from Target is the sweet boy who rose to fame in 2014 when someone snapped a photo of him and put it on social media. Since then, he has probably found a thousand dates.

5. Jiu-Jitsu Master Clark Gracie


Clark Gracie basically runs the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu franchise, first founded by his great-grandfather. Although he did not win the match that made him famous, he looked damn hot during its course.

6. Ridiculously photogenic surgery girl


Even though she just had surgery, she looks perfect. This incredibly photogenic woman is Reddit user WhosThatGirl_ItsRachel. She ended up making the TV rounds and ended up on Good Morning America. 

7. This hot felon


When Jeremy Meeks was busted on weapons charges, he did not know he would become one of the hottest internet celebrities of all time. Meeks signed a modeling contract and walked the New York Fashion Week runway in 2017.

8. Daniel Lohill


Daniel Lohill was a thief from New Zealand, but no one cares about that today. He was dreamy! Apparently, people love criminals. Those that are good-looking, though.

9. Ridiculously photogenic female inmate


Meagan Simmons won the hearts of millions when her mugshot appeared online. However, she didn’t love the attention and apparently threatened to sue those who would turn her into a meme. Strong girl!

10. Ridiculously photogenic Syrian rebel


No one knows who this guy is, but we know who took the photo. It was Khalil Hamra and it was taken near Idlib, Syria on June 15, 2012, during a clash with Syrian military troops.

11. Hot debate guy


Hot debate guy was the only thing everyone talked about after the second 2016 GOP debate ended.

11. Dr. Hottie McHotterson


Photo: Doctor Mike/Instagram

Dr. Mike Varshavski became pretty famous after this Instagram post of his was discovered. The third-year medical resident in New York City soon became a celebrity with his own YouTube fan club.

12. The Shirtless jogger who stole hearts


Photo: WGN News/YouTube

Ethan Renoe was only jogging on a “regular” stormy evening. Shirtless. The internet went crazy after he was stopped for an opinion by a reporter. Renoe said he was soon inundated with messages from women all over the world asking him for a date.

Here are some pictures of celebrities in their teenage years.

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