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30 Relatable ‘The Struggle Is Real’ Photos


Money can’t buy you happiness. But it can buy you comfort. Most people have been through rough patches, when money is short, and pay day couldn’t be further away. We can definitely relate with these guys who have found themselves resorting to unusual tactics to stretch what little cash they have left for as long as they can. The struggle is real in these photos, compiled by Diply.

1. Keep squeezing!

This toothpaste can last at least for a couple of weeks more.


Source: Twitter | @ConnorTheGooner

2. A rare delicacy

Prepare yourself an exotic breakfast with a baked water-and-flour based dough and garnish with processed grains with a berry flavor and a dry finish. Yeah, it’s basically bread and cereal…


Source: Twitter | @Buckets_McNasty

3. I see what you did there

I’d recommend doing that as soon as possible so the scotch tape doesn’t leave a mark on the fridge, but I know better than to assume that the money for the magnets will just drop from the sky.


Source: Reddit | tarheels86

4. Safety first

Yeah, there are times when you must make do, but that is just a horrible idea!


Source: Twitter | @THood98

5. Blow dryer FTW

If it looks stupid but it works, it ain’t stupid.


Source: Twitter | @_Shiggz_

6. Waste naught

No crumbs will be left uneaten.


Source: Twitter | @biz_marcus

7. When you gotta go…

In a pinch, coffee filters will do for toilet paper.


Source: Reddit | HippocraticHippo

8. Bag it and tag it

You can clearly tell that’s a fake, because they misspelled Vuitton. Damn those French with their complicated spelling!


Source: Reddit | candychaser21

9. Good luck with that bottle

Struggles can come in all shapes and sizes. They don’t have to be related to money problems.


Source: Reddit | friedbunnies

10. It Lacosts too much…

… to actually buy branded T-shirts. And why would you waste so much money, when the alternative is so much better?


Source: Reddit | Sn4p77

11. Bacon!

Nothing can stand between me and bacon! Not even the lack of a stove!


Source: Reddit | [deleted]

12. They froze their account…



Source: Instagram | @flamingpantuals

13. College kids

They’re paying tens of thousands of dollars for college anyway, why not milk it for all it’s worth?


Source: Reddit | Bailey7788

14. The fruity ones are the best

This is great, because then everytime you hiccup or burp, a bubble will come out!


Source: Reddit | Scaulbylausis

15. Should’ve used tape…

Now you gotta make sure not to move your arm so the apple doesn’t fall off.


Source: Facebook | Broke People Problems

16. It’s something

Well, at least they have food, and a lot of creativity.


Source: Twitter | @samiwert

17. I just put in 10$ the other day!

The gas gauge is always showing empty, but it’s completely fine.


Source: Imgur | OKCalculator

18. Keep it cool

Much cheaper to get a bag of ice, than an AC…


Source: Imgur | awesomepilot

19. Been there, done that

But hey, at least trying them on is free!


Source: Instagram | @ofmiceandmemes72

20. Practice makes perfect

I guess this is my life now…


Source: Twitter | @FactsOrDie

21. Piles of gold

Well at least your money is edible.


Source: Twitter | @funnyteensig

22. I’m not broke, you’re broke

Honestly, prices are just ridiculous sometimes.


Source: Twitter | @tbhplzdont

23. No one will notice

Lack of money is no obstacle for perfectly manicured nails.


Source: Twitter | @tanyadang

24. Not paying for your lobster, Karen!

This has been the worst deal in the history of deals, maybe ever.


Source: Twitter | @dinfontay

25. Just do it

Are you sure those aren’t real Nike socks?


Source: Twitter | @SoRelates

26. Deep fried love

If she says yes to this, she’s a keeper.


Source: Imgur | Nakanawaka

27. Around my phone in a few minutes

How do people afford all these vacations to exotic locations?


Source: Instagram | @girlwithnojob

28. Roll safe

Hey, you don’t have to spend money on dinner, if you go to bed early.


Source: Twitter | @RisaJai

29. Raw and pure

Poor man’s sushi.


Source: Twitter | @xuxaverde

30. Genius!

What a brilliant and elaborate plan to wash your clothes!


Source: Instagram | @nochill
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