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These Relationship Comics Will Have You Saying “Ain’t That The Truth”


Being in a relationship where you feel loved and happy is the best thing in the world. Most of the time you might feel like you’re in a fairy tale but then we need certain things, small gestures, reminders to know how much we’re loved.

24-year-old illustrator, Tuna Dunn is from Bangkok, Thailand  drew some comics about the real side of relationships. She shows what you can expect when you fall in love but it’s not like a fairy tale at all. It’s even better!

1. Just a kiss

Sometimes, we just need a simple kiss because it’s cute.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn

2. Don’t hurt their feelings

It’s hard to tell them when they suck at something. But hey, at least they tried.

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Facebook | TUNA Dunn

3. You see them for who they are

Don’t get mad when they don’t notice your new haircut or your “no makeup” face.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn

4. Do nothing and have fun

Couples can literally find joy in every situation.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn

5. You are always there for them

Even when they’re drunk or sick.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn

6. At the end of the day, they are what you need

They are the one thing that makes your whole life better.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn

7. Jealousy is normal

But they are with you for a reason.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn

8. Love sometimes hurts but it’s worth it

You can’t go somewhere alone and not miss them.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn

9. There is no pleasing people

Some people will turn down everything that comes their way.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn

10. Heartbreak can be a big part of the relationship.

Until you find someone who will not let you go.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn

11. Not finding the right words

Sometimes you show your true feeling by being speechless or saying something cheesy.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn

12. Throwback to the first time you met

You don’t get why you were scared in the first place.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn

13. Nerves can be the worst/best part of having a crush

A blushing mess is a nightmare.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn

14. Relationship anxiety is a real thing for some people.

But things get better with time, better than you ever thought they could be.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn

15. Why do we have to leave our partners?

We always miss them when we’re away.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn

16. We can get really stubborn with our partners.

But they will always be there for you.


You can check Tuna’s work on her Facebook or website.

Facebook | TUNA Dunn
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