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21 Relationship Tweets To Improve Your Monday Mood

21 Relationship Tweets To Improve Your Monday Mood

Depending on how much they want people to know about their relationships, there are two types of people out there: those who keep their relationships as private as possible, and those who are thrilled to be part of that relationship and constantly post about it in just about every conceivable social media where they do and don’t have an account on.

While some of them are adorable, others are just plain funny. Now, how about flipping through this gallery of funny relationship tweets to improve your Monday morning mood?

1. The truth has been spoken

Has there ever been a truer word spoken?

2. Well, I guess that’s a good reason

Don’t we all!


3. When you can’t have the real thing

You have to improvise.

 Make sure your boyfriend stays in shape

4. Extremely unlikely that a relationship will ever start like this

If it does, then that’s truly something to behold.

Yikes, this girl speaks the goodness forsaken truth!

5. That way you can have some additional assistance

You always say the funniest things when there’s nobody around to hear them

6. When you can’t keep a kitten, you can keep a boyfriend!

This is so funny!

7. Wait, what?

You’ve got to find out one way or another, champ

8. He’s a little bit… left behind

Office romances never last for long

9. Even the bear would wish he was anywhere else!

 If a tree falls in the woods and there’s nobody around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

10. Sometimes, being single is just better

We all forget just how good the single life treats us sometimes

11. It just sounds like a recipe for disaster!

 We’re all just one big bubbling hot mess, people!

12. Thanks for the advice Eli

Now this is some sound advice

13. Where’s the man in your life to turn it off?

 How do you forget to turn off the light? Surely the bright room you can see in gives it away

14. Guys, you KNOW that girls talk, get over it!

Guys, you KNOW that girls talk, get over it!

15. The nervousness is real

It’s times like these that you know romance isn’t dead

16. I’ve never thought about this

But she does have a point.

You have to admit, the girl has a point

17. Sometimes, everything is just right

We have all been there in our lives

18. There’s no one else to waste it!

Oh my, the bluntness is just hilarious

19. Maybe this is worth a try

I should definitely try this

20. Romance is definitely not dead

See? Romance is definitely NOT dead!

21. Jenny has a [savage] point right here

It’s, once again, another can’t-be-truer fact.

Oh my goodness me, the sass is real strong with this one

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