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The Importance Of The Pizza Order, The Meaning Of The Fried Chicken, And The Unbearable Lightness Of The Takeaway


It is sometimes difficult to find a middle ground in a relationship. Whether it is choosing a movie, deciding where to go out or who to hang out with – between some couples a compromise is a slow, negotiating process. But never, never take deciding on takeaway food lightly!

Many a relationship has been destroyed beyond repair by approaching this delicate issue without the necessary care.

Sometimes, however, despite best intentions, bad timing is what damages reaching a mutually acceptable digestive solution the most.

For members of both genders, it can be difficult to remember that there are certain activities where the decisions made and the things said have to be taken with a pinch of salt. So don’t ask a guy what kind of pizza he wants while his team is about to be knocked out of the Cup on penalties; don’t ask a girl whether she wants Chinese or Thai food while she’s applying mascara.


When a couple orders food, this is a difficult and complicated operation requiring everyone’s full attention and complete sobriety.

This fact has been reaffirmed by an incident that has gone viral. When a guy asked his girlfriend what kind of pizza she wanted for dinner she replied “whatever”. The guy, secretly fuming and perfectly unaware that whatever is a type of pizza topping, ordered an empty box with ‘whatever’ written on it in large letters while he ordered a BBQ chicken pizza for himself.

It is not known if the relationship ended about half an hour later, but a lot can be learned from this story.

takeaway 2

Another thing worthy of keeping in mind is that not everyone is an expert on pizza (or math, for that matter).

Check out this guy asking his girlfriend what would she do if a waiter offered to cut her pizza into either 8 or 12 slices.

takeaway 3

Credit: Brad Holmes

“I’d have eight Brad. This is what bugs me about you, you’re not understanding what I’m saying. I’d have eight because I can’t eat the extra four, because that would be too much for me. Why are you laughing?!” was the legendary reply.

Of course, millions have laughed at the video destined to go viral.

Also, some guys take extra pride in the selection of a takeaway vendor. Especially late at night after a boozing binge or a party, the selection of the right takeaway provider is crucial for everyone’s well-being the day after.


For those nights when everyone at your house just craves chicken, we present you The Chicken Connoisseur.

This god-sent man is the ultimate reviewer of the chicken experience. He goes around town, reviewing businesses that prepare chicken in all its guises. Just watching him devour those little deep-fried pieces will make your mouth water.

So watch, and you might learn a thing or two.

Source:Chicken Connoisseur

In contrast to all that pain and misery around the world, it’s soothing to know that there are people out there who spend their free time letting us know the dos and don’ts of eating chicken. It gives one something to smile about.

The Chicken Connoisseur focuses on the City of London, but even if you’re not from the area, you need to watch his videos for their educational and entertainment value.

And last but not least, his royal highness: the Döner Kebab.

Check out the video to find out where’s the line after which a guy is too drunk to consume a kebab.

Exactly: there isn’t one.

Despite being unable to stand (or hold the food in his hands for that matter), a guy will always be able to eat a döner.

Even off the ground.

One Facebook user commented:

“Clearly a well brought up young man. Still using the cutlery and not resorting to using his hands”.

Be like him. Take good care of your takeaway, and your takeaway will take good care of you.

Featured Image Credit: PA/Imgur

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