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For A Fast Headache Relief Apply Pressure On These Points On Your Body


Everyone hates getting a headache, yet it is one of the most common complaints. All of us experience it at some point in our life, some of us much more than others. Headaches can be caused by stress, depression, anxiety or as a result of some medical disorder. The pain can be really dull, throbbing or sharp and it can occur in every part of the head including the upper neck. It’s not the brain that is actually hurting but rather the tissues that surround the skull of the brain.

No matter how much it hurts, you generally reach for some kind of painkiller. Maybe you are trying not to grab an ibuprofen, but at some point, you ending up doing it because the pain starts to be unbearable.
Some try to ease the pain by sleeping, closing all shades in the room and staying in the dark or taking a long warm bath. You could also try to ease the pain by using some natural remedies.

Next time, when heaving that obnoxious pain in the head, try this helpful technique; massage the acupressure points that can be found throughout your body. The body has hundreds of them. Applying physical pressure to these points can release tension in the head. Among other things, acupressure can also help in managing vomiting or nausea and ease lower back pain.

Here are some pressure points as listed by Providr.

1. The YinTang point

The pressure point known as the third eye is one of the most effective acupressure points of the human body and it’s located between your eyes. Using our minds during the day can cause a tight feeling around this area. Massaging it will not only help you with a headache, but it will also help you with nose bleeds, nasal congestion, and high blood pressure.


Source: cgim

Use your middle finger and your index finger to apply pressure, squeezing the area carefully, using only a little bit of strength. To relieve the pain do this for just one or two minutes.


Source: theimpactnews

2. The Zan Zhu points

You can locate these points at the beginning of the nose, at the top of your eyebrows. Apply pressure by using circular motions.


Source: wimp

Massaging these two spots will help alleviate pain in the head and a runny nose. As a plus, it can also improve your vision.


Source: paperblog

3. The YingXiang points

These points are located on both sides of your nose, right above your lips. It’s fairly simple to find them and it can be very helpful when you are in agony. Just look for a dimple in the bottom of your cheekbones, or to be more precise they should line up with the eyes.


Source: wimp

We all know how painful a sinus headache can be, you can’t even bend forward without feeling excruciating pain. The next time you are having a cold and your sinuses are clogged up, massaging this is will help open them and you will get some relief. Also, it will reduce your stress levels.


4. The Tian Zhu points

If you massage the points that can be found on the back of your head right in the center of your neck, you will ease your ear/eye pain or nasal congestion. Also, it does wonders for unbearable migraines that are usually triggered by lack of sleep, stress or even staying out in the sun all day.


Source: wimp

Get someone to massage this spot for you when you are under enormous pressure or when you didn’t sleep in the correct position and your neck is stiff.


Source: researchgate

5. The Shuai Gu points

You will find this spot right above your ear, 2-3 centimeters from the start of  your hairline.


Source: wimp

If you have been working on the computer all day and your eyes are tired, use your index finger to massage this spot and it will reduce eye fatigue. It can also lessen the results of  getting a headache when fighting an addiction and restore the balance of the nervous system.


Source: drxuacupuncture

6. The He Gu points

A lot of people are familiar with this point and often use this technique to reduce headache pain. Applying pressure on the skin between your thumb and index finger will help you forget you had a headache in the first place.


Source: wimp

This spot has multiple functions. Use it to not only relive migraines but also when you are feeling nauseous. It works best when you make a fist.


Source: exploreim

7.The sacral points

Menstrual pains and cramps can be so painful that you can’t get out of bed all day. You can massage the points found right above the tailbone to ease your suffering.


Source: top10homeremedies

All you have to do is lie down on your back and layer your hands for added pressure. Massage for two minutes and repeat until the pain goes away.


Source: helensherlock

8. Pericardium

There is a spot that can be found in the middle of the transverse crease of the wrist and when massaged with balm should relieve nausea and vomiting.


Source: zzzhenjiu

Drug side effects, pregnancy, food poisoning or even drinking too much alcohol can make people unwell and nauseous. There are special wristbands called ‘sea bands’ that are created to relieve nausea without the use of drugs.


Source: aliexpress
From: providr

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