Remember Brittney Spears’ little sister? Here’s how she looks today



We all know Brittney’s little sister. It is so cute seeing sisters bond, but so much has changed since she was a little girl. To come out of the shadows she was living in, being Brittney’s sister, she had a hit show, aspirations to follow in her sister’s footsteps in the world of music. In 2007, however, Jamie Lynn disappointed her fans when she made a personal revelation. What until you see what happened next.

Jamie Lynn is the youngest of three kids. It happens to be that her middle sibling is a pop star.


Jamie was only nine years old when her sister became the highest selling teen artist of all time. She got to hang out with famous celebrities like Justin Timberlake. She definitely enjoyed the perks of being Brittney’s sister.


In 2002 when Jamie Lynn was only 11 years old she made her film debut.
Jamie Lynn played a younger version of her sister’s character in the movie Crossroads. It helped that the two sisters look alike.


Her sister Britney loved bringing Jamie Lynn along with her. The duo were presenters at the 2002 Teen Choice Awards. Such cute sisters.


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