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Remember Eminem’s Wife Kim? Here’s What She’s Up To Now


First of all, if you don’t know anything about EM’s wife Kim check the song that EM dedicated to her called ”PUKE”. But if you already heard that song I guess you know everything about her. At least EM’s impression of her. Kim has been through a lot all these years, and boy what has she been up to! You can catch up with her in this post…

#1 Car Accident

She recently was in a car accident,that she admitted that it was a suicide attempt.




#2 Married and Remarried

They were married in 1999, and then divorced in 2001. In 2006 they got back together and remarried. Those crazy kids.



#3 Isolated But Supported

Now Kim and Eminem are on good terms and raising their children together. She lives in a mansion in Michicgan but she is isolated from her friends and family. Celebrity life can be tough sometimes.



#4 Still Friends

If Eminem and Kim are on good terms, that means there is still hope for everyone. However it is nice to see them on friendly terms.



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