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Do You Remember ‘The Human Ken Doll’? This Is What He Looks Like Today


Many celebrities are trendsetting various beauty standards. Not only the Kardashians are taken as models of beauty. You know that the internet is full of human Barbies. And many are ready to face the knife to get a perfect nose or some other part of their bodies. Does the name Justin Jedlica sounds familiar to you? He is the 36-year-old human Ken who had over 190 plastic surgeries to be as perfect as his plastic hero.

He was unhappy with his looks since he was a child. But his parents didn’t allow him to have surgery.


The Now Yorker with Slovakian origin was born in Poughkeepsie where he is the oldest child in the family. He has two brothers and one sister. He graduated from Apex High School in North Carolina.


His parents were not happy at all with his idea to have plastic surgery. They forced him to wait until grew up.

And that’s what he did. Only four days after he turned 18 he had his first nose job.


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