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7 DIY Ideas To Renew Your Jeans


Jeans are a staple, but sometimes you wear the perfect pair for so long, it becomes boring. Many times you have unwearable jeans lying around, but there are so many options to breathe new life into them! So, check out these ideas on how to make your old pair look like something straight outta Fashion Weekend.

1. Make slits and use a fork to ‘stress’ them.

And now you have something a lot less boring.

2. Get some stud glam going

You’ll need pliers and studs that you can get in any store with a DIY section. Follow the instruction images and glam up your otherwise ordinary jeans!

3. Make them more fun with bleach

Sometimes clearing the color is adding more color.

4. Zip it up!

If you follow the photo instructions, you can easily turn your flare jeans to skinny by adding a decorative zipper.

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