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If You Rent An Apartment In LA For $25,000, You Get A Robot Butler That Delivers Packages, Food And Drinks


How neat is that? If you hire a luxury apartment in LA, that is, spend $25,000 a month, you will be offered a butler. And not just any butler, this one is a robot, especially designed for room service.

It’s called Charley and it’s a lovely addition to the apartment, as part of the rental fee. You can find it in Crescent Heights,  a 40-floor tower block in Beverly Hills.

The building, known as Ten Thousand, will be the first in the world to use the Relay model, designed by California-based robotics company Savioke.


The robot (pictured), nicknamed Charley, is the first to be used in a residential building. It can deliver packages, meals and drinks right to the door.

It could be a relative to R2D2 from Star Wars, and if you need your package, meal or drink, Charley will be at the door in no time. It even operates elevators on its own.

All those who move into the building will be given special iPads allowing them to order items which will then be delivered by a team of Charleys.

Roman Speron, vice president of Crescent Heights, said: ‘We have established ourselves as an innovator in high-rise residential technology, and Ten Thousand is undoubtedly the building of the future.


Charley (pictured) comes complete with a secure compartment. So bye-bye risk of someone pinching your delivery as he brings it to the apartment.

 ‘People rely on technology more than ever to simplify their lives, but often technology can prove challenging for residents.’

Mr Speron said: ‘We have simplified the process so that residents can enjoy more leisure time. From having a parcel that just arrived, to getting a morning latte delivered via robot to their front door.

‘Similarly, the benefit of having a designated tech concierge means residents can call upon our in-house tech team with any type of request. They’ll be able to bypass waiting for phone tech support to get on the line and offer personalized assistance.’


Source: dailymail

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