Respect And Awe To These Deafblind, Premature Triplets

Respect And Awe To These Deafblind, Premature Triplets


While giving birth to premature triplets, Liz Hooker couldn’t have imagined what was to come next.
Namely, the triplets had to be delivered prematurely since complications arose during the pregnancy. The hardship that struck this family’s life came subsequently, one blow after the other. Being born prematurely, the triplets lost their sight almost instantly.
The hearing came next. They lost their ability to hear too, since they were given a heavy mixture of antibiotics to cure the sepsis they had contracted in the neonatal intensive care unit.
This made the triplets the only deafblind triplets among 15,000 deafblind children in America!

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“Every time I saw a beautiful sunset, or heard some music that moved me, it was an assault to me,” says Liz.

“It felt like it was an injury all over again because I will never be able to share those things with them.”

At that particular time, Liz was a single mom. She had only her other daughter Sara so help her. The task at hand completely drained the life of them by the time the triplets had turned four.
Seemingly out of nowhere, an old beau came back into Liz’s life.

An old college boyfriend, George Hooker, decided that he wanted to be the bright light to guide and keep this family afloat.
“They are so worth it,” said George. “To be able to know them is just a joy to me.”

Emma, Sophie and Zoe Dunn can now do things with the help of their new stepdad that were almost unimaginable to do previously.

It is also of big importance to mention that they received cochlear implants to aid their hearing when they were 2 years old.

Them being able to hear now, at least to some extent, is half a battle won for their parents. George described how their blindness felt both to him and them: ”Wherever they are at, if they can’t reach it, it doesn’t exist!”

The parents are also helped by a highly trained intervenor which they received after they had appeared on Dr. Phill’s show.

“They cannot learn by accident,” says George.

So these intervenors had become their eyes and ears. The girls had managed to start communicating their needs better to others and had improved in school.

“I love them so much cause I have seen them fight through so much. And I respect them so much for not giving up and being so brave to face another day,” said the mommy. “They are my inspiration!”


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