Nineteen Restaurants That Completely Went Overboard With Food Presentation

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As we’ve shown you before, there can be quite a bit of fail when it comes to serving up food in some sort of gimmicky or interesting way. Posh restaurants in most cases will go out of their way to serve food in a way that will keep the customer coming back for more. And there’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you’re called Heston Blumenthal, but some restaurants will absolutely go out of their way for presentation, to the point where the presentation is not interesting, and it’s just funny or weird instead.

Check out these restaurants that completely went overboard with the way they served food to these customers. I hope you never complain about presentation in a restaurant when you go next time after seeing these.

1. I hope this person didn’t pay too much for this…

19 Restaurants That Completely Went Overboard With Food Presentation 1

2. Of all the things they could have served the candy on…

19 Restaurants That Completely Went Overboard With Food Presentation 2

3. How would you like to eat your food from inside an umbrella?


4. Makes the salad even less appetizing for children


5. While this is ridiculous, part of me kinda likes it

I’d love to eat my beef sliders and sweet potato fries from a giant glass.


7. Remember the baked beans inside a Croc?

Well, here’s a slightly better version. Still, the concept is plain stupid.


8. How would you like to have your espresso inside a carrot?


9. What are you talking about? No one’s gonna get offended!


10. These guys really wanted someone dead…


11. This will just fall apart and make a mess

That and it’s… well, look at it!


12. Give us less next time!


13. Nothing wrong with a traditional English fry up

There are quite a few things wrong with serving it on a shovel, however…


14. One by one…


15. Bacon held down by clothing clips


16. “We couldn’t be bothered to squeeze you some fresh orange juice, so here you go, do it yourself”


16. What’s inside the lettuce?


17. Sure, why not?


18. When did Mattel make this dress? I don’t remember…


19. How would you like your breakfast inside a doggy bowl?



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