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Retro skittles Rainbow Cupcake


Taste the retro rainbow with this funky party addition!

There are people who cannot imagine their lives without cupcakes. There are people who cannot imagine their lives without Skittles. And then there are people who love both. If you’re one of them – this is the video (and the Youtube) channel for you.


Skittles are one of the world’s most famous fruit-flavored sweets. They were first produced in 1974 by a British company . They were first imported to the United States five years later.

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You will need about five packets of Skittles for this recipe, as well as some dark and white chocolate. You are also gonna need to take some pictures of your Skittles cupcakes and send them to Elise from MyCupcakeAddiction, as she is really curious to see how your cupcakes are going to turn out.

Subscribe to MyCupcakeAddiction for many more amazing tutorials on cakes, sweets and cupcakes. They upload new videos every Wednesday and Saturday. If you want to get really edgy you could try making a few from the sour variety too.


Before you get started in Elise’s words we’d like to wish you: Happy cup-caking!


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