People Say We’ll Soon Discover How Jack Died In This Is Us

Gosh, you better sit down because I have an exciting idea for you. You watch This Is Us, right? Are you ready to hear the truth about how Jack Pearson died?

This Is Us

Granted, those paying a close watch on This Is Us, the famous American drama show may already have a clue as to what happened (courtesy of SheKnows). But for the rest who are not obsessing about the show and this character’s fate, read on to discover the best theories about his death.

Of course, it all came from the fans and their overactive imagination expressing itself on Reddit. But also thanks to their power of observation and keen minds. One of the theories connects a lot of subtle patterns and clues and tried to predict the reveal of Jack’s cause of death.

“The Big 3 were born in 1980,” one sharp Redditor points out. “They are now 37. Jack died in their senior year of high school. So that means Jack died somewhere between 1997-98. That means the twentieth anniversary of his death is coming up. We will find out how he died on the 20th anniversary of his death.”

It kinda makes sense, doesn’t it? The important anniversary can’t go without the family commemorating it in some way, and perhaps shedding light on what happened.

But it’s not just fan theory, and regardless of when or how it happens, it will happen soon. Dan Fogelman, the creator of This Is Us made a slip to Entertainment Weekly, saying the following:

“In order to fully understand that year of their life, you don’t just do it one episode,” he tried to explain. “You have to understand where they’re all at that time period, what had happened in the marriage, what was happening with those kids, what was happening with those kids vis a vis their father, before they lost him, that frames these 37-year-old people we’re seeing. Once we’ve done that, then we’ll see everything we need to know about Jack. And it will be this season.”

One thing is sure – whatever happens, we’ll be on the lookout!

Source: sheknows