She Revealed The Truth About Big Sensual Lips In A Painful To Watch Video


How many times have you tried to make your lips look sensational and sexy? If you didn’t succeed, don’t  be disappointed, there is a big secret behind those perfect looking celebrities.

The famous Russian actress Evelina Bledans, 47, shared a shocking and painful video with her fans on her social networks. She revealed the truth about how many celebrities have full lips overnight. The actress asked her followers “And are you taking off your lips prior to lunch?”

The footage, which went viral shows Evelina in pain while her assistant pulls off her fake silicone lips.
Netizens left in shock after watching the video, wished her a good a meal and thanked her honesty.

“I always wondered how those lips mold!”, “Yiwu !!! Finally, I saw it, ” wrote some of them.

Although it’s painful for her, Evelina has to wear these lips because she has a role in her own show, One For All.


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