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The Ultimate Revenge Of A Woman After Her Boyfriend Rejected Her On ‘Kiss Cam’


What would you do if your boyfriend rejects your kiss while you are on the kiss camera? Would you start crying or leave the room? The rules are quite simple: if you are watching an American sport with your girlfriend and you find yourself on the big screen, you have to kiss her. Period. Otherwise, you just might suffer the consequences. If you are as brave as this girl, you might just kiss another guy, too.


It just happens that sometimes one part of the couple will refuse the kiss. You might even get a proposal, which is something that happens very often, too.

However, the following event was not that positive after all. This basketball game at the Philips Arena witnessed a really awkward kiss cam situation. The Atlanta Hawks were facing off against the Brooklyn Nets, when kiss cam followed during a break.

Some couples decided to share a kiss, but one couple was not in the mood for a kiss. More specifically, this guy rejected his girlfriend’s offer to kiss because they showed up on kiss cam.

Source:Atlanta Hawks

So what did his girlfriend do? She got a sweet revenge and kissed a random guy sitting next to her. Next, the video was put on YouTube by the Atlanta Hawks, and it has over three million views now.

One commenter stated: “Proving yet again, after 21, guys who wear their caps backwards never grow up. Run girl! Run!” A number of viewers claim that the video is faked by the team to go viral. But let’s take a moment to appreciate the reaction of the woman in the front row. Priceless!


Whatever the truth may be, this is not something you would want to happen to you. So, be careful before bringing your grumpy boyfriend to a sports game.


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