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Reverse Drip Gravity-Defying Splatter Cake

Gravity-Defying Splatter Cake

A drip splatter cake that defies gravity?! Well, that is the goal that this tutorial has set itself. Check out the video below to find out if it was a success.

Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio is a channel that combines cake tutorials with videos shot while hiking through the Canadian channel.

When stumbling upon it initially, the first thought that crossed our minds was that the quality of a cake-making Youtube channel might be judged by the amount of cardio workout needed after the completion of each tutorial.

Going by that criteria, Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio is one of the top channels around and this tutorial has only reinforced that conclusion.

gravity cake 1

The splatter cake ingredients:

-8 cups black, white, and pink vanilla cake batter
-3 shades of pink and white buttercream
-One batch of white chocolate ganache, colored pink and black
-Pink melting wafers
-Chocolate bar mold
-1 Cake pop stick
-Pink gel paste
-Black gel paste

gravity cake 2

So get your equipment gathered, channel your inner Neil Armstrong to get ready to defy gravity.

Or as the video-description for the tutorial says:

“Let’s get messy!”.

Well, messy or not, this cake is gonna get people talking with its spectacular colors and arty finish.

You just have to decide what the occasion is going to be.

Source:Cookies Cupcakes and Cardio

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