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This Is How You Can Get Rich If You Have These Things In Your House


Everyone wants to get rich quickly and easily but even though it seems impossible, there is a tiny window of opportunity open for all of you to give this money making scheme a try. All you really need to do is clean your house and find amazing stuff to sell on online auctions and social networks. You will never know which item might get you a high price. The list below will help you to get started.


Jordon Energisers

The vintage food is very trendy right now and you can find the gourmets and collectors hunting down products like very old cereal boxes or even Szechuan sauce. These items fetch a huge amount when traded on social networks. So, this drink can bag you $16,999.


Source:© sothebys

Treasure Trove

Do you remember the first Harry Potter edition of “Harry Potter and the Philosophicall Stone”? It sold 500 copies with the misspelled authors name and now is a collectors item. It was auctioned off for £43,500.


Source:© sothebys

Gadget Freaks

The initial iPhone era or the massive mobiles of the 80’s and 90’s are available to be purchased for a few thousand dollars. For example, these 2 unloaded iPhone 2Gs are set to get $12,999.


Source:© ebay

Gamer Alert

The most prevalent are Tamagotchi (up to $2,000), portable game boy (up to $6,500), and, obviously, the star of auctions: Nintendo NES with cartridges. Must be in good working order!


Source:© wikipedia© ebay

Lego Madness

This Lego collector’s item of the Darth Vader prototype was sold for $9,999 and the interactive Furby toys (up to $1,000). Wow!


Source:© ebay

Collectors Items

If you ever collected coins or tradeoff cards, you just need to have them valued. The appearance and number of copies will determine the price.


Source:© themarysue

Vinyl Love

A copy of The Beatles collection Yesterday and Today with this shocking cover below, is very uncommon. This vinyl with this cover was sold for $125,000. Yikes…check your collection stat!


Source:© icollectbeatles

Coin Collection

Only 20,000 of the Grace Kelly coins were ever made for circulation in 2007. If you happen to have one of them, they now cost between 600 and 1,000 euros.


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