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14 People Spending Money Like They Are Floyd Mayweather


Floyd Mayweather Jr. took his boxing record to an impeccable and record breaking 50-0 last weekend, but it is the boxer’s handling of wealth rather than his boxing skills that many people around the world seem to draw inspiration from. The pugilist who nicknames himself ‘Money’ is a well-known lover of cash, and when he is not sleeping on it, he has been known to wear diamond-filled mouthpieces during bouts or buy a Bentley golf cart for his son’s fifteenth birthday.

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But it is not just the Michigan-born boxer who doesn’t have a problem with flaunting his money on social media on every possible occasion. This, as you perhaps know, has become somewhat of a trend in recent times. Let’s look at fourteen people who boast with their money Mayweather-style.

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1. What is better than a pool? A pool inside a pool!


Source: imgur | lizzielabz

2. What else are you going to do with all your iPads?


Source: reddit | austinn_

3. I wonder how many lives it took him to save up this much cash?


Source: reddit | alexzhard

4. No storks here, that story is for us commoners


Source: reddit | Wickster2

5. Did he try taking that through the drive thru?


Source: reddit | nastynewman

6. Seems like you might be again, too


Source: reddit | athanc

7. Who buys a convertible only to put the top up?


Source: reddit | NightmarishPT

8. It’s worth getting rich just to be able to do this for your pets


Source: reddit | Alexxandria

9. Don’t you hate when your pocket change flies into the pool?


Source: reddit | trooper843

10. The struggle is real


Source: reddit | Ryno3639

11. This deserves another Live8


Source: reddit | ExPhysGuy

12. And you thought they were useless when the battery dies?


Source: reddit | whysoserious385

13. I bet this guy threw this one out and just tried with a new one


Source: reddit | eatmorchicken

14. What’s the point in getting rich if you’re not going to be a d**k about it?


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