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This Is The Right Way To Hang Toilet Paper, People!


Oh, that ongoing debate on important things. Especially as important as toilet paper. The dispute creating dark holes in family relationships and roommate agreements.

Yes, we’re talking about the household debate to end all household debates: should the toilet paper hang going over or under? And don’t think that you’re the only one who’s strongly opinionated about this one, about a thousand people reading this will jump in their seat to defend their logic. The over-hangers argue that it’s easier to find the end, esthetically pleasing and far more hygienic. The under-hangers say it’s tidier their way and more difficult for pets to party with it.

But be prepared to either rejoice or sulk, because there actually is a right way to do it.

Check out what Google Patent Database says:


Those images are straight from Seth Wheeler, inventor of the perforated toilet paper roll himself, and they show the toilet paper roll hanging, rightly and properly, going over.

Need more proof?


So, to half of you – sorry Toilet Paper Police. To the other half – congratulations, you now have proof when you argue over one of the most important things in existence.

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