Rihanna Shut Down Fat Shamers On Twitter With A Single Photo


Rihanna is a prime example of a girl that can completely pull of anything. Any type of music, any type of outfit, she conquers it all in a way only she can, and we just lust for the same ability to be able to kill every outfit and every music genre (and all the industries!) like she does.

But despite Rihanna’s all-conqueringness, she recently caused a bit of a buzz among her fans after sharing a picture on social media.

Rihanna Shut Down Fat Shamers On Twitter With A Single Photo 1

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Specifically, this one here:

Rihanna Shut Down Fat Shamers On Twitter With A Single Photo 2


I don’t know what these people are on about, because from what I can see, she’s still looking as good as ever, but people all over Twitter thought it was a good idea to judge her and make false assumptions.


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This is not the first time Rihanna has been body shamed on social media, as the same thing happened a few weeks ago when Barstool Sports writer Chris Spagnuolo, also known as Spags, tweeted a picture of Rihanna asking whether or not Rihanna would make being fat the hot new trend.

But I think people are missing the point here. Like I said, we don’t need to be discussing the shape of people’s bodies at all. It’s NONE of our business.



Naturally, Rihanna wasn’t planning to keep quiet about these body shamers, so she made one simple and cheeky reply to shut down all of them.

And that reply was this:



So yes, after that epic shutdown, her fans pretty much stopped shaming her and decided to support her instead, and that’s just the way it should be.

Even with all this talk of weight gain, it doesn’t change the fact that Rihanna is a stunner and she’ll always be one.



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