Rihanna Has Been Named The Most Powerful Celebrity Influencer Of 2017

Everything that the fashion phenomenon Rihanna touches turns to sold according to Lyst. The 29-year-old has been crowned the most powerful celebrity influencer of the year thanks to her style leading huge sales for fashion brands. She has rocked designs by Molly Goddard, Saint Laurent, Puma and Gucci, with having her own line of sneakers in collaboration with Puma.

Her outfits have caused a sartorial sensation according to data analyzed from 100 million searches by 80 million shoppers worldwide on Lyst.

She turned a lot of heads with this Molly Goddard gown she paired with trainers.


Customizing her Gucci t-shirt and wearing it over the brand’s crystal bodysuit and her Puma x Fenty sneakers.


The Gucci shirt became one of the most cult-worthy items of the year.


The dress became very famous after Rihanna wore it.


The list is based on huge spikes in demand in the hours after an item was worn.

The singer turned heads when she wore the Guccy bodysuit with the vest that was inked with the phrase “common sense is not that common.”


Wearing RAEN’s flatscreen sunglasses.


They became an instant hit after she was seen wearing them during the summer months in more than one occasion.


Rihanna also went with Molly Goddard dresses on several occasions including her Fenty Beauty launch.


She even released another collection with sportswear brand Puma.


People are basically getting their hands on everything she wears.


Wearing her collection fresh off the runway.


Despite the collection she released with Puma and Dior, she also launched her own make-up brand Fenty. She also had time to jump on the Saint Laurent bandwagon sporting a pair of their £6,885 rhinestone embellished slouched boots that sold out immediately.


Fringed boots.


Recently, she wore Gucci again, rocking their luxe crystal socks.


Source: Dailymail