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Feel Like Trying Rihanna’s Met Gala Makeup Look?


Every year we wait for the Met Gala to enjoy the art of fashion and every year at least one celebrity is turning some of us into makeup/clothes obsessed maniacs.

This year, it’s Rihanna. Thousands of people loved her look, although, I can’t really be that sure if I personally do. Nevertheless, it’s a rosy, pinkish, edgy extravaganza we’re talking about and it’s worth the try, right?

Youtuber Mariah Leonard, who, just because she’s amazing has amassed a followership of over 290K subscribers is among the first who decided to show the world how. The 27-year-old also popular by the name thegalsguide posted a video on her self-titled channel and the result is actually awesome.

Let’s see how she did it.


Mariah starts with a light foundation and concealer. She uses a pinkish shade to cover her cheekbones and illuminates it with highlighter.

Rihanna 1


The pink and burgundy eyeshadows are coming up and are perfectly blended to copy Bad Gal Riri’s edge, afterwards decorated with a black sharp line. Now, Rihanna is naturally blessed with long eyelashes, so she had no fake ones, which is why Mariah decides to go only for mascara.

Rihanna 2


A burgundy shade from Mac, and a refreshment from all that matte we see all over the place.

The look is completed.

Rihanna 3

Finally, here’s the video. You can follow the process step by step and shine on the next event you’ll be attending.

Source:Mariah Leonard

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