Rihanna Praises Woman Who Dressed As Fenty Foundation For Halloween

Rihanna Praises Woman Who Dressed As Fenty Foundation For Halloween

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Rihanna’s Fenty is a great inspiration to many women, and this time Popsugar have proof. This woman is the winner of this year’s Fenty Award, awarded by Rihanna herself. Well, sort of.


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Here’s what went down. The iconic singer who rose to the stars with her song Umbrella and rocked 2017 with her latest hit Work decided to take some time off of singing and browse Instagram for a while. This time, her attention was on her famous Fenty Beauty line of beauty products. Especially during Halloween, you know – when it’s either great makeup or break up. And Fenty is made for all skin colors, covers all undertones, and is just perfect for Halloween.

So, Rihanna reposted a photo of a woman in a skin-tone-colored dress with the words “Fenty Beauty.”

Yeah, we know… Rihanna is actually lurking on Instagram, looking at our photos. Your photos. Yikes!

But anyways, being reposted by Rihanna is analogous to winning the Instagram lottery. The woman, regrettably, wasn’t tagged, but her style and sense of color won the superstar’s heart. The creamy brown of the foundation bottle, along with a white baseball cap to match the white topper made the celebrity swoon. “Pro Filt’R 450 Happy Halloween,” Rihanna wrote. Wow.

Pro Filt’R 450 Happy Halloween

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I’m trying to imagine what that would feel like, but it’s pretty unbelievable. Let’s have a round of applause please!

But it’s your turn at Instagram fame now. Think you can top this costume?

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