A Ring Got Stuck On Your Swollen Finger? Stay Calm!

A Ring Got Stuck On Your Swollen Finger? Stay Calm!


Panic mode overcomes you and you start sweating as you try to take a ring off your swollen finger.

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In this video, we find Dr. Simon Carley of the Centre For Evidence Based Emergency Care (CEEC) at Manchester Metropolitan University trying to creatively remove a ring from his finger.

He is accompanied by two of his staff nurses. The point is to remove the ring without cutting it off.

They have seen and admitted countless patients with finger injuries and most of the times they had to cut up the ring. This was met with dislike on behalf of the patients. They think it’s unfair that patients are leaving the practice angry because the ring had to be cut, so they decided to find a way to take off the ring without cutting it.

First, you are going to need an oxygen mask. Why? We will use the string since it stretches nicely. Why is that important? In order to compress down the swollen tissue. We will also use some forceps.

We are imagining a scenario where we have a patient with a ring stuck on a swollen finger.

Take the elastic band from the oxygen mask. Squash down the swollen tissue starting above the knuckle. Leave a little bit of time for the compression to happen. Since this is a stretchy material it will manage to keep the tissue squeezed over a prolonged period of time.

We are wrapping around the tissue, causing it to be smaller and smaller. Keep doing that until you get as close as possible to the ring.


Now try and poke the ring through the band. Catch the end of the band. Start pulling the end in the opposite direction. It will rotate and jiggle the ring down the finger. The band will spiral the ring down the finger.

finger 2

You will never need to cut another ring off as long as you live! Neat, eh?

Source:ALiEM Educational Videos, tiphero

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