The Rise And Fall Of Former Supermodel Kate Fischer

Everything seemed to go perfectly for Kate Fischer back in the ’90s: she was young and beautiful, she had a successful career in modeling and was trying her hand at acting, and she had a gorgeous billionaire fiancé. But then suddenly things changed dramatically for the Australian, her life turned a complete one-eighty, and she lost everything.

In December, the 44-year-old, who has legally changed her name to Tziporah Malkah, spoke candidly to, sharing the story about the spectacular ups and downs of her life and revealing her deepest regrets.


“I had the world at my feet,” Tziporah Malkah confessed to not being able to appreciate what she had until it was too late

The former supermodel was engaged to Australian businessman James Packer, but the couple broke up in 1998 after five years together


After many years out of the spotlight, 2017 was the year that saw Tziporah return to the public eye


Tziporah began her modeling career at a very young age. She was only 13 when she won the Dolly Covergirl of the Year competition. Praised as the new Elle Macpherson, she became a high-profile model by the early ’90s. Based in Sydney, the Adelaide-native appeared on the cover of Vogue Australia four times. She also had covershoots for GQBlack & White and Elle magazines.

Despite her success as a model, now Tziporah admits that she never really believed she was beautiful. Suffering from low confidence, she was never able to recognize or appreciate her beauty.

“I look at that [old photos] and think, I had the world at my feet,” the brunette stated. “And I didn’t know it. I had no confidence. I didn’t think people looked at me and thought I was beautiful. [I thought] I was just photographed well — sometimes.

“What a waste,” she added softly.

Kate Fischer

1993 was a really good year for her. She began her acting career landing a role on hit film Sirens, which also starred Elle Macpherson, Portia de Rossi and Hugh Grant. The same year, Tziporah started dating dating billionaire James Packer, and after three years, the couple got engaged. However, they never reached the altar: they broke up in 1998. According to, after the split, the beauty was left with a $2 million property in Sydney and $300,000 in her bank account.

This is when she decided it was time for a change of scenery.


So she moved to Los Angeles, California. She tried to make a career for herself in Hollywood, but not trying hard enough is now one of her biggest regrets. “I had money, so [I was] just shopping and travelling … and men. I was just easily distracted by bright, shiny objects,” she said. “I was just drifting around and being hedonistic. It’s expensive, hedonism.”

However, despite all of her beauty and charm, and despite the fact that she had made a name for herself back in her home country, Tziporah never managed to crack America. Instead of achieving the success she dreamt of, she lost everything she had.

She lived in Los Angeles for 13 years, but her stay in the west coast city was put to an abrupt end when she was swindled out of $2 million dollars by a Rabbi she had fallen in love with. Later, she discovered that he had a wife and a family living in another country.

Having lost all of her money, the beauty returned to Australia in 2011.


Back on home turf, the star had nowhere to go. She fell out with her mother, politician Pru Goward, and with little cash in her pocket, soon she found herself living in a homeless shelter in Melbourne. “I was so ashamed,” Tziporah confessed the embarrassment she felt at the time of her fall from grace.

The former model only recently reconnected with her mother. She drove to the town of Yass in southeast Australis to visit her sick stepfather, journalist David Barnett. That is how she got to be in the same room as her mother for the first time in over a decade.


In the interview, Tziporah also spoke about the reason for the estrangement. Apparently, it was due to her devotion to the Jewish religion, and her mother’s lack thereof.

“It’s still a bit of a sore point, to be honest,” she said. “It’s the whole Jewish thing. Growing up we always knew we were Jewish but we didn’t practice the religion. But then my mum went into politics and the talk about being Jewish went away. And she doesn’t really want people to know.

“I respect her. She’s a happy little ham-eating, churchgoing Jew. If she’s happy, be happy. But if you’re Jewish, you’re Jewish — you can’t deny it. So the fact she wants nothing to do with it … it really upset me for several years.”

But she wanted to make one thing clear: it wasn’t her mother’s fault that she ended up homeless. In fact, she never even asked for help, because she was so ashamed. “She doesn’t deserve to be treated like she was evil. I didn’t ask people for help … and I intentionally didn’t,” Tziporah said.


2017 marked the return of Tziporah in the spotlight after she starred in the third season of the Australian version of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!

Going into the South African jungle as part of the Australian I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! wasn’t something that Tziporah sought to do. Instead, she was approached by the producers of the show who insisted and begged her to take part and ended up paying her double the money they had initially offered. The 44-year-old quickly became one of the fans’ favorites and she managed to last 30 days in the jungle before being evicted as a result of the public vote.

Her motivation going in was to raise awareness and money for a charity helping homeless women. However, she succeeded in raising only $5,000 from viewer donations. This left her disappointed in herself. Tziporah said, “I was so embarrassed I’d been so naive — that I didn’t brush up on my media skills and didn’t know what I was getting into. I was stupid. I had no idea.”


Recently, Tziporah faced court charges for erratic driving. The prospect of potentially facing jail time had her so stressed out that she had an outburst at a South Australian service station, she revealed for the online publication. She managed to avoid going to jail, but she had her licence suspended in Victoria, Australia.

According to the court documents, Tziporah is now living on $200 a fortnight, despite the sizeable amount she was supposedly paid to appear on I’m A Celeb. But in the interview, she explained that she would get that money in three portions distributed throughout the year.


Tziporah spent six years being single, but about a year ago she reconnected with a former flame, sailor Guy Vasey. Sadly, at the tail-end of last year, the pair split after an angry exchange over social media.

Source: dailymail