Riverdale Characters: Comic vs. TV

Riverdale has now become a TV phenomenon filling a need for a dramatic, high-school eye candy. But based on the classic Archie comics, the CW series turned out to be a success for its network. While everyone is familiar with Archie’s red hair, do you know how the rest of the actors look like comic book characters? Check them out down below and enjoy!


Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes)

Dark hair, red lipstick and her attitude is the sassy version of Betty’s sweet while in the TV her relationship with her parents is more dramatic.


Photo:  The CW/Archie Comics

Archie Andrews (KJ Apa)

The comics Archie is a fresh-faced redhead who spends his time chasing Veronica but settles for hanging with Betty if Veronica plays hard to get. On TV he still has a similar aesthetic to his comic original.


Photo:  The CW/Archie Comics

Kevin Keller (Casey Cott)

In the 2010’s addition to the original Archie comics, Kevin was the first openly gay character. He’s pretty much the same now on the show.


Photo:  The CW/Archie Comics

Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart)

A blonde pony-tailed girl who is constantly lovesick for Archie. In the series she is more independent and feminist and dates Jughead.


Photo:  The CW/Archie Comics

Chuck Clayton (Jordan Calloway)

Good looking, minor character who adds an element of diversity into the comics while he turns out to be a “jerk” and womanizer in the TV series.


Photo: The CW/Archie Comics

Alice Cooper (Madchen Amick)

Betty’s mom has been supportive in the comics but now she gets a darker, controlling makeover which is the opposite of her positive daughter.


Photo: The CW/Archie Comics

Moose Mason (Cody Kearsley)

The blond boy with good intentions but not the brightest bulb. On TV: Still not the brightest bulb.


Photo: The CW/Archie Comics

Dilton Doiley (Daniel Yang)

The nerd who loves science and he’s not silly-looking either comparing to the comics.


Photo: The CW/Archie Comics

Ethel Muggs (Shannon Purser)

A dark-haired girl who always chases Jughead in the comics. Now, she’s shy but no buck teeth or boy-chasing in sight.


Photo: The CW/Archie Comics

Midge Klump (Emilija Baranac)

The short, raven-haired girl dates the school jock, Moose. She is completely the same person in the TV series too.


Photo: The CW/Archie Comics

Mary Andrews (Molly Ringwald)

The friendly, curvy mother who takes care of her husband Fred and her son Archie. She is still the same perfect character.


Photo: The CW/Archie Comics
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