A robot that can fold your laundry in less than 1 minute and costs only $850


There’s a new product on the way, and it’s claiming to save marriages everywhere by folding the washing!

Introducing the ‘FoldiMate’ the brainchild of a San Francisco startup, but lets be honest we’ve already invented this robot 100 times over as we fold the washing from the machine.

Working under the premise that every problem has a solution, the foldimate is a robot that can complete three different processes – folding, streaming, and de-wrinkling. This is possible for shirts, trousers and towels. (Sorry lads, but it’s not going to Iron!)

While it’s still in the prototype phase, the robot is expected to be launched in 2018, with pre-orders starting in 2017. It’s expected to retail at between $750 -$800.





The firm said it takes up to 10 seconds to fold each item, while de-wrinkling will take 20 to 30 seconds per time. Depending on fabric thickness, it is possible for the machine to take 10 to 30 items per load.



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