Rock The Nude Nail In 20 Different Situations And Locations

Rock The Nude Nail In 20 Different Situations And Locations


Nude is definitely the color to spark polarizing opinion, no matter if it comes to clothing, shoes or nails. I find this shade to be especially pairable with big,  knitted sweaters. If it’s not winter in your neck of the woods, you can pair it with a little black dress and look glamorous!

1. The matte nude has a very mysterious character to it. I would go with this one on a winter morning.


Source: Instagram | @alexia_c00kiem0nster

2. Black patterns always seem to complement nude color.


Source: ink361 | @soto_sandra

3. This stamping is a good way to introduce movement to your nails.


Source: Instagram | @nails_addicts_group

4. The shiny finish gives a very rich but serene look to this pinkish nude. I could easily imagine these nails being worn by a bride.


Source: Instagram | @fashiionideas4you

5. Who would’ve said that indigo also works well as a pattern color?


Source: Instagram | @_stephsnails_

6. These nails are a tad bit long for me but I definitely like the mocha coffee shade.


Source: Instagram | @victoriaoliviaxo

7. The way those black edges creep out from under the nude is absolutely out of this world! Kudos to whoever came up with this nail pattern.


Source: tumblr | monniy

8. The milky cotton-pink is well to pair with a dress of a similar shade. The ornaments really give the nail that special oomph!


Source: Instagram | @laquenailbar

9. The gold studs seem as if they are parting the nail in a zig-zag pattern. The matte black really goes well with the nude. Especially since gold works so well with these two colors.


Source: ink361 | @lineullehus

10. Ok, these nails stole my heart. So simple yet so attention grabbing.


Source: Instagram | @kovagots23

11. The white Navajo patterns are great to be worn with a knitted sweater.


Source: tumblr | vanityprojectsnyc

12. A good balance of patterned and ornamented nails.


Source: Instagram | @nails_and_makeup_salon

13. The glittery silver on the fourth nail is to die for.


Source: Instagram | @kuriakh_tsagkou

14. The reverse ombre nail makes the nails seem like a little silvery moon is hiding in there.


Source: Instagram | @glamournailsny

15. These ballerina ornamented nails are really something. I wouldn’t be able to pull them off. I think they require a special occasion.


Source: Instagram | @nailsbyjle

16. At first look, the rose pattern seems as if it’s a leopard look. Which is quite nifty to tell you the truth. It’s a 2 for 1 deal.


Source: tumblr | teenails

17. I would totally rock this nail to a festival.


Source: tumblr | ladyfancynails

18. Burning Man, someone?


Source: tumblr | vanityprojectsnyc

19. Aside with the festivals, how about a ball?


Source:Enjoy Chasing Shadows

20. Nope, a festival it is. Coachella?


Main image via ink361 / @lineullehus
Collage image via 1. ink361 / @soto_sandra 2. Instagram / @laquenailbar 3. tumblr / monniy

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