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The Rolling Stones’ ‘Ride Em On Down’ Video With Kristen Stewart Is Here


Some things in life are just flawless. The Rolling Stones decided to treat the world to a new video for ‘Ride Em On Down’, which is the first song on their latest album Blue and & Lonesome. It’s made entirely of covers and the video stars… Kristen Stewart.

The Rolling Stones, Eleanor from ‘Gone In 60 Seconds’ younger sister and a Zebra

They modernized the 1955 Eddie Taylor song, and Kristen Stewart is in a video for the first time after ‘Just One Of The Guys’. She dances in a gas station, demonstrates the Stang’s force in the Los Angeles River, and the only reference we see of The Rolling Stones is through the ever recognizable sound and of course, the legendary logo.

Start your day with this gold and stir your imagination of hopping into this gorgeous Mustang GT with Kristen.

Could this be one of the best videos for 2016?

Source:TheRollingStonesVEVO , virginradiolb

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