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How Romantic Expectations Clash With The Harsh Reality


So many women out there dream about meeting a romantic man who will know a thing or two about candles and wine, good food and flowers, appropriate music and dancing… Of course, it’s a set of expectations which is now many decades old but which hardly corresponds with the reality of relationships today.

Because, do men today dress like Frank Sinatra? Does contemporary music today sound like the one Franky and Dean Martin used to sing? Can young people afford the things that are part and parcel of “romance” as it is portrayed in old movies and books? Of course not. So how come we still expect men to stand up to outdated ideas about love, most of which are completely inapplicable today, in the way that expecting to hear swing instead of Despasito on the radio is?

Here are five things you might have experienced during a ‘romantic’ date: if you haven’t, count yourself very lucky and learn the lesson to enjoy a movie with a pizza on the couch and be happy about it.

1. When you expect to bathe in love, champagne and the smell of scented candles, only to spend the evening cuddling a hairy leg


2. Whoever wanted to sleep in a sea of rose petals, anyway?!


3. How does covering the bill equal being romantic?


4. You expected 300 hundred likes on your selfie, you got 300 people on your sunbed


5. Nothing worse and more transparent than forced sex appeal



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