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How To Do These 2 Romantic Hairstyles

romantic look

Today we are going to share with you a tutorial where you will learn how to do 2 easy romantic hairstyles that you’ll love. These looks are perfect for a night out with your loved one or also if you want to put your cute mode on.

YouTuber Carli Bybel has come up with this tutorial and a lot of people are going crazy about it. She also hit 4 million subscribers which is a huge success for a makeup vlogger. The hairstyles are pretty easy to do and look so young and fresh too. Are you ready to get all romantic?

Let’s see.

You start by brushing your hair and getting your curling iron.

romantic look 1

Then, go section by section, curling them with the iron until you make your way up to the top.

romantic look 2

After you are done curling, take two small sections of both sides of your head and start braiding.

romantic look 3

When the braiding is done, so is the look number 1.

romantic look 4

As for look two, you can take those two braids in the front and secure them with a bobby pin in the back. Ta da!

romantic look 5

So, is this look romantic enough?

Share your thoughts with us and enjoy the video right down below.

Source:Carli Bybel

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