Rose McGowan And Her Many Fearless Transformations!

Rose McGowan And Her Many Fearless Transformations!


90s kids might remember Rose McGowan playing Paige in the supernatural series Charmed that aired between 1998 and 2006.

Fashionistas definitely remember her intricately beaded 1998 VMAs dress that rocked the world and is mentioned at least once every VMA show a year.

Musicians and pop-culture junkies might remember her infamous relationship with singer/songwriter Marlyn Manson. They made quite the couple.

The forty-three-year-old actress is now married to artist Davey Detail and has taken a break from the spotlight these last few years.
However, I think of this woman time to time. She was truly a rockstar.

Her many movie transformations make her truly a versatile actress and a sight to behold.

Here is a list of all the times she changed her looks and her demeanor to fit a role and give an outstanding performance.

1. The Queen of Scream
McGowan portrayed Tatum Riley in Scream. This was her initial push into stardom. Her character didn’t live to see the sequel.



2. I was Charmed.
McGowan joined the cast of Charmed as Paige Matthews in 2001, after Shannon Doherty’s departure. She was an instant hit! Charmed I’m sure!


Source:Charmed Wikia

3. Redhead Charm.
By Season 5, she had transformed into a redhead for the needs of the character. Her pale complexion and cherry lips certainly helped.


Source:Charmed Wikia

4. Blonde!
In Season 6 of Charmed, yet another plot twist had unfolded. This beautiful lady went for strawberry blonde.


Source:DVD Bash

5. Brunette.
…. but she was not really feeling the blonde look. So she went back to being a brunette.


6. The Silver Screen.

Dressed head-to-toe in ornately embellished Egyptian attire, she played Sheryl Saddon in Brian De Palma’s The Black Dahlia. Her’s was a somewhat brief role, but her portrayal really stayed with you.


7. Cherry Darling.
Robert Rodriguez’s grindhouse flick, Planet Terror was a treat for art-cinema junkies. As Cherry Darling, McGowan rocked our minds. All that using one wooden leg.



8. The car accident.
In early 2007, McGowan lived through a car accident that left her face scarred. What happened was that her eyeglasses were driven into her face. She had to undergo plastic surgery. However, she had a full recovery after that and looked stunning at the 2008 Cannes Festival.



9. Nip/Tuck.
Nip/Tuck was a series revolving around the world of plastic surgery. She replaced Katee Sackhoff as Dr. Theodora Rowe in 2009.


10. Conan the Barbarian.
For this role, she had to wear a prosthetic piece that went over her eyebrows back to her head, that would imitate a large forehead. “I sat from about two in the morning till around 7:30 in the morning,” said Rose of the makeup process.


Source:Screen Rant

11. Platinum blonde.
In 2012 she went full-on platinum blonde. I think this is her lightest shade of blonde to date.



12. Au Naturel.
A few months later, McGowan embraced her natural hair.



13. Short Hair
Yet another transformation for Rose, 2014 saw her going short!


Source:Sizling People

14. Bald
And as if short hair wasn’t enough, Rose decided to up the ante and go full bald later that year!


Source:Daily Mail

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