The Royal Doubles: Lady Kitty Spencer and Princess Dianna

The Royal Doubles: Lady Kitty Spencer and Princess Diana

Lady Di

Take just one glimpse at Lady Spencer and you will immediately see a flash from the past; Lady Diana hiding in plain sight.

26 year old, Lady Kitty Spencer is the eldest daughter of Charles Spencer, 9th Earl Spencer. Her aunt on her father’s side is Diana, Princess of Wales.


Lady Di 1

Although born in the UK, Kitty spent her formative years in South Africa with her mother and siblings. Her childhood was unaffected by the tabloid drama of the UK. She made one of her first public appearances at her aunt’s 10-year anniversary memorial service. As a matter of fact, she was standing shoulder to shoulder with her cousins Prince William and Prince Harry.

2.Coming Of Age

Lady Di 2

Upon seeing her for the first time, one gets the impression of being in the presence of the Princess herself. In fact, Lady Kitty’s face seems made in the image of her late aunt.

Her curls bathe in sunlight, her cheekbones are chiseled just like the late Diana’s and her smile looks set to open the door to every heart. Pictured below at the same fragile age of 24, they look astonishingly alike.


Lady Di 3

Years before her death, Princess Diana had become a fashion icon. Moreover, she was a fashion connoisseur in her own right. Due to her balance with the royal sartorial protocol and her own sensibility and a keen contemporary sense, the Princess of Wales took the spot of a bona fide fashionista.

In addition, Kitty herself is also quite interested in fashion. She is a doing a Masters in Luxury Brand Management at Regent’s University London. She is also a regular in the front rows of some of the most anticipated shows of the season.

4.Hobbies and Charity Work


Katty is an avid Instagram user. From quotes to personal throwbacks, memes and parties around the globe, she creates quite a public Instagram persona. Presently, her main activity is her volunteering as an ambassador for Centerpoint, a London-based homeless charity.

20 years her senior, the Italian real estate mogul Niccolo Barattieri di San Pietro is a lucky man to hold her hand.

Lady Di 4

If nothing else, the last picture alone proves that good looks run in the family.


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