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Easy To Make Ruffle Cake

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Ruffle cakes are just adorable. There is something incredibly elegant in a ruffle cake that trumps all other cake designs when it comes to special events. It isn’t easy to make one, though, is it?


Creating a ruffle cake has long been considered complex. In the past, not many amateurs took on what was lauded a daunting task. Today with vlogs and Youtube tutorials, as with many other recipes and DIY tutorials, decorating a ruffle cake has never been easier. And it’s mesmerising to watch, there’s something serenely satisfying about watching all the little wiggles settle on the cake.


Vanessa from Cake Style even encourages her followers not to try and achieve perfection when decorating this cake, as she believes this cake would be more appealing the messier its ruffles looks.


Cake Style is a vlog run by Vanessa from New South Wales, Australia, who has been baking and teaching for over a decade now. Subscribe to Cake Style’s Youtube channel for more “tutorials, recipes, laughs and most of all, fun”.

Her fans are also convinced they can take on the challenge as they enthuse about her technique. Though one does compare the finished product to a brain, I can see where they are coming from but I still love it. It’s just so delicate and divine.


No more chatter, here’s the video…


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