Just Rumors? Fans Keep Claiming Rihanna Is Pregnant

This year’s Grammys provided us with many performances to remember, but one star stood out. Rihanna’s performance alongside DJ Khaled and Bryson Tiller at the Madison Square Garden in New York City was so good, it even became a meme. The details, however, continue to confuse her fans, some of whom have now spread rumors that the pop star might be pregnant, Meaww reports.


While there is no doubt that the performance of the Barbadian singer was outstanding, eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice the weird camera angles. Some also claimed that the way Rihanna was dressed might be a hint about her being pregnant with her first child.

“I’m pretty sure Rihanna’s pregnant,” one fan tweeted.

“Am I the only one the feels like Rihanna is pregnant? No close-ups, angles on the camera, something is up,” another one wrote.

At the same time, people were quick to notice how the singer was glowing. Now they are wondering whether it’s that famous pregnancy glow, or just a regular Rihanna beam.

“Compelled to think Rihanna could possibly be pregnant. She thickened up… hitting them moves delicately… 8′ just saying,” another fan wrote.

As always, there were a few observers who went too far with spotting details about a possible pregnancy. There was one fan who even found the position of the dancers suspicious.

One admirer wrote, “Enough with Kylie Jenner! The next one to be rumored is Rihanna! I hate to say this, but I’ll be disappointed is she had just gained weight,” while others believed weight gain was exactly what’s behind all the confusion:

“She put a little weight on and her outfits are all hiding her midsection.”

This is not the first time that rumors about Rihanna being pregnant have circulated. In May last year, many also believed pregnancy to be the reason behind the singer’s choice of baggy attire.

Meanwhile, photos of Rihanna in which she is seen hiding her stomach using a bag have also surfaced. “She looking really pregnant,” one follower commented.

Some fans even started guessing who the father is.

Soon, the high-horse brigade appeared, claiming the 29-year-old was being a victim of body shaming because of all the speculation.


Even though it is not certain if these rumors are true or not, according to Hollywood Life, the singer’s ex Chris Brown is reportedly feeling hurt after hearing about the diva’s alleged pregnancy.

“Chris Brown is angry, hurt and kind of heartbroken after hearing Rihanna was looking pregnant at the Grammys. They were each other’s first real love and he still misses her,” a source close to the singer told the magazine.

“Chris always had high hopes for their future together and even though there are only rumors that she could be pregnant with some other guy’s baby, he is still pretty upset and sad to hear about it. He feels like that should be his baby. He always hoped it would be him having a family with Rihanna and he regrets how things ended between them.”

Rihanna hasn’t commented on the rumors.

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Source: Meaww