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Real-Life Russian Barbie Claims Her Looks Are The Work Of Nature


A Russian real-life Barbie has become an internet sensation, but she claims her resemblance to the popular children’s doll is almost completely genuine.

Yulia Kriger, from Siberia’s most populous city of Novosibirsk located in south-central Russia, claims she has neither had a facial cosmetic surgery nor are her bright blue eyes enhanced by any colored contact lenses.

Kriger, whose photos have gone viral because of her resemblance to Barbie, says the only intervention she has had is breast-enhancing surgery. All the rest is down to her stunning good looks, she claims.

“The first time I got compared with Barbie was at school,” she says. “I wasn’t surprised because it just means having a neat look and symmetrical facial features. But I don’t understand why everyone talks about my eyes. I am so used to them, they look normal to me.”


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Yulia Kriger insists her looks are completely natural and the only enhancement she uses is makeup

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She denies ever having had surgery except for a breast enlargement and claims she doesn’t wear contact lenses

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Ms. Kriger, however, does admit to having used special contact lenses to make her eyes look bigger several years ago.

“It lasted for about a year and now I am ashamed to even think about it,” she says.

She insists the only unusual thing about her eyes is that their color appears to change according to the weather: “They can be green, blue or gray,” she adds.

С 8 марта, девчули😘🌹

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Yulia Kriger lives in the city of Novosibirsk, Russia’s third-largest city behind Moscow and St. Petersburg

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Novosibirsk is located in the south-central part of the country and is the largest city in the sparsely populated region of Siberia

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Yulia said the reason behind the boob job she underwent is her wish to increase the size of her breasts to a D cup.

“It means I can wear any dress that looks better without underwear and they look just great,” she said.

And it seems to have worked, as she has become well-known in Russia’s online world. She often receives compliments under the pictures she posts on social media, with one follower commenting: “She looks like a cosmic girl.”


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