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Russian Billionaire Wedding Which Was Rumored To Have Cost $1 Billion


If you ever wondered how the weddings of oil-rich Russian billionaire businessmen looked like, you can stop wondering as Instagram has made it possible to take an in-depth look at the lifestyle of Eastern European billionaires.

Last year, the Moscow wedding of Said Gutseriev, the son of Russian tycoon Mikhail Gutseriev made headlines after it was rumored the ceremony might have cost up to $1 billion. Perhaps slightly exaggerated, the aggrandizement might not be that outlandish when one takes into account that the wedding dress of the bride, dental student Khadija Uzhakhovs, weighed 25lbs and cost around the $1 million.

Forbes estimates Kazakhstan-born Mikhail Gutseriev’s fortune at roughly $6,2 billion. His son, who was educated at the Universities of Oxford and Westminster in England, married his sweetheart at an upscale restaurant in the Russian capital which was completely decked in floral decorations from the floors to the rafters.

If you are thinking that despite the expensive venue, clothes and decorations the wedding expenses are yet distorted, you are right. But bear in mind the list of entertainers: Jennifer Lopez, Sting and Enrique Iglesias all performed at the wedding, along with a host of European and local stars, as well as folklore ensembles.

And as if the Moscow leg was not extravagant enough, Russian media outlets claimed the wedding had a second installment in London, where Elton John and Beyoncé provided the entertainment.

While images from the London affair remained private, scroll down for the well documented Moscow ceremony and make sure your jaw doesn’t hit the floor.

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Of course, Sting sang “Desert Rose,” another fan favorite.

And Enrique, wearing his signature T-shirt and baseball hat, got the crowd riled up with “Bailando.”

Such talent was by no means out of place at a wedding where the Elie Saab dress looks like this:

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And features an ornately-decorated hall packed to the brim with flowers:

It’s unclear how much exactly the wedding cost, but given that the net worth of Said’s father, Mikhail Gutseriev, is around $6.2 billion, it’s safe to say it didn’t come cheap.


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