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Russian stylist transforms every woman into a queen


The Latvia-based Russian image designer Konstantin Bogomolov  is making miracles.   After he moved from St.Petesbugr to Riga and opened the famous Bogomolov Image School he began the project “Makeover with Bogomolov”. Since then he has transformed many women into queens.

He says that  makeup, hair, and clothes are just tools we should use but there are some other things that really mater to build up a perfect style.

” The main task for a stylist is not to change, but rather to find the woman’s image. Firstly, the image is the person oneself, their personality.”

Bogomolov creates the new image based on the  profession and the personality of the woman.

Just take a look and you will be inspired from the spectacular makeovers.

1 Inna, Riga

#1 Inna, Riga

2 Alīna, Riga

#2 Alīna, Riga

3 Valentina, Irkutsk

#3 Valentina, Irkutsk

4 Tatjana, Almata

#4 Tatjana, Almata

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