There Is A Sad Fan Theory About Ross From Friends And His Son


It does explain where Ben disappeared in the last seasons.

We already cried our eyes out at one sad fan theory, we don’t need another one. But if you kind of feel the need to cry some feelings away, read on.

This one is actually about Ross’s relationship with his son Ben, and they kind of forgot about him in the last two and a half seasons. He’s only mentioned six more times, and he didn’t even meet his sister Emma onscreen.

Blogger D.F. Lovett has a theory that Ross may have lost the custody of Ben as his behavior kind of tended to get more on the erratic side. So, maybe Carol gained full custody?

Hear him out:


1. He tried to convince a self-defense instructor help him scare women.


2. He got the hots for his cousin.


3. He’s manipulative and disrespectful in relationships, especially towards Rachel.


4. He slept with a student.


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