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What Does The Safety Pin On Everyone’s Shirt Mean?


You probably noticed the new trend of people putting safety pins on their shirts. The meaning of this is very important.

It’s not even a fashion trend. The UK started this after Brexit, and Americans are copying it, because it’s a way to tell other people “you are safe.”


One Instagram user explained that the safety pins were used in the UK, “so that without a word, people may see your safety pin and know that you’re a friendly face, that they are ‘safe’ with you.”


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After the controversial election in the United States, people are posting picture of themselves wearing pins with the hashtag #safetypinamerica.

“I wear a safety pin to show that immigrants, refugees, and anyone else threatened by the hate and fear mongering of Trump and many of his supporters can know that I care and will do all I can to combat xenophobia, racism, sexism, and ableism,” the instagram post read.


“If you see anyone being mistreated, either in the streets or online, be there for them,” Max Evry wrote on Twitter.

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